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Separation Anxiety Workshop

This separation anxiety workshop is for dogs who struggle when they are left alone. Dogs with separation anxiety bark non-stop, soil their crates, try to break out of their crates, destroy furniture in the home, chew on windowsill, scratch at or destroy doors, or have accidents in the home. They drool or shake in their crates. Separation anxiety dogs may start to panic as soon as they realize they are about to be left alone. Some dogs do all of these things, some dogs only do some of them. Dogs who do this are not being naughty, they are panicking because being left alone is very scary – even terrifying – for them. Punishment does not solve their struggle. Training them to comfortable being left alone is the answer.

Separation Anxiety Workshop Focus

Training your dog to be comfortable alone is not easy, but it can be done. Separation training takes time, patience, diligence, consistency, and a plan. Separation training is a marathon, not a sprint, so this workshop takes places over 2 months and offers numerous opportunities to ask questions, get feedback on your progress, and additional support if you need it. They key to resolving your dog’s separation distress is to start to work on it when you can support your dog as much as needed. Don’t wait to get started until you have to leave the house for full time work or school. Start now, when you have the flexibility and time to work on this. The workshop space is limited to 10 participants (families and their dogs). The entire workshop will be done online via Zoom, Facebook, and Email.

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Register here:

Workshop format

4 one hour zoom group sessions – sessions are held on Wednesday evenings from 6-7PM. when you register, you are registering for all 4 sessions for the introductory price of $297.

Class meeting dates: December 16, December 30, January 6th, February 3rd. Plan to attend all 4 classes live. Material presented in class will be available after the class. Classes will NOT be recorded. The total cost of the 4 session workshop is $297.

Each session will be an interactive workshop. There will be training homework between sessions. Plan to take notes, ask questions, video your training, and work on your individual plan. You will have the option to share your comments and/or videos with the class as well.

Included in the Separation Anxiety Workshop

We provide training plan templates and help you customize them for your dog’s struggles.

We will have a private FB group for workshop attendees. In the Facebook group, Deb will comment on student training videos, post supplemental information, and answer questions. 

Individual coaching on video submissions. You will video your training sessions with your dog and Deb will review and offer coaching on them either in class, in the Facebook group, or via email. You will post your videos either in the Facebook group or on YouTube for Deb to review. During class each week Deb will ask for volunteers to share their training videos for live coaching too. 

Weekly check in’s with Deb via email or FB on the weeks we do not have a live workshop session.

The workshop cost also includes a 20 minute check in via Zoom with Deb between Feb 10-17. You can also share training videos and receive coaching during the check in. On February 4th you will receive a link to schedule this Zoom call.

Students need: 

  • Remote video capability and smart phone (Facetime, Zoom, nanny cam with app, etc.) or other video recorder (camcorder, security cam, etc.) 
  • Timer with second hand (watch, egg timer, etc.) 
  • Reliable Internet access 
  • Access to Excel, Google Sheet, or printer and paper (to keep training log that I will email to you after the first class) 
  • YouTube/Google account (free)  if you want to have Deb review videos privately
  • Access to Zoom website or app 
  • Facebook account (not required but will greatly enhance your class experience – I strongly recommend you or your dog create a Facebook account to enhance your learning.) 
  • A commitment to their dog and willingness to do the work, be open to feedback and suggestions, and to follow Deb’s advice. 

 Frequently Asked Questions we will address in the workshop:

I don’t crate my dog now. Do I have to?

Does my dog need meds?

How do I know if my dog has bad separation anxiety?

Where do I start to fix separation anxiety?

How will I know this is working?

What if I can’t always be home?

What if my dog gets worse?

Why can’t I just wait and see how he/she does when I have to go back to work?

What’s the worst that can happen with this behavior?

How long will it take to completely resolve this behavior?

What if I finish the workshop and I need more help?

How do I watch my dog? What technology do I need?

Has this worked with other dogs?

What if I have a set back?

How do I sign up for the workshop?

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