8 Tips for a Great Dog Walk

Did you know that this week is National Walk Your Dog Week? (http://www.walkyourdogweek.com)

In honor of National Walk Your Dog Week, here are 8 tips to make your walk with your dog more enjoyable for you, your dog, and your community too!

  1. Poop bags. Carry them, use them, dispose of them properly.
  2. If your dog pulls, use a front clip harness. These harness deter pulling and also protect your dog’s neck. Our favorites are the Easy Walk harness by PetSafe (www.petsafe.net) and the Freedom Harness by Freedom No Pull Harness
    dog walk
    Shadow and Remy taking a walk together


  3. Let your dog sniff! Yes, the point of a walk is exercise – physical and mental exercise is best! Sniffing works your dog’s mind, so when you dog is walking nicely at your side for a few minutes give him a sniff break to sniff something exciting like fire hydrant or street sign post. Sniffing is a great reward for polite walking!
  4. If your dog likes other dogs, walk with other dogs. A lot of dogs love to walk as part of a group. They can sniff and explore together, learn to walk nicely together, and hang out with doggie friends – and you get time with friends too – win-win for everyone!
  5. If you take a long walk with your dog, bring water. Dogs don’t regulate their body temperature well, so having water to offer is a great way to help your dog cool down on warm Fall days.
  6. Take your dog somewhere new for a walk. Sussex County has lots of wonderful dog friendly parks, trails, and perseveres. Giving your dog a chance to explore a new trail or park will the walk exciting and fun for both of you.
  7. Walk and train at the same time. Having a training plan for a walk is a great way to work practicing Sit, Down, and Stay (on leash) on a walk. Each time you pass a mailbox or corner, ask your dog to do a behavior. When she does, continue the walk! (treats are generally not needed – the walk starting again is reward enough!)
  8. Make a resolution to walk your dog everyday! Walking is great exercise for dogs and people – it can help reduce stress, increase health, and be mood enhancing — for you and your dog!

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