Success Stories

Our success stories say it all – dogs and people love the results they get from training their dogs with us!

These success stores are from online verified reviews, emails, and texts are clients have sent us.

April 2018

german shepherd training“I had a awesome experience with Pepperspaws. I highly recommend Pepperspaws to anyone looking for a dog trainer.”

Cash’s Family

German Shepherd in home manner’s training


“Deb was great with my little pup, Pippa! When we started she having accidents whenever she was excited or feeling submissive. She was also a bit stubborn when working on commands. Deb helped us to get training back on the right path and showed us that training can also be really fun! Pippa has flourished ever since we started working with Deb and we are very much looking forward to our Tricks, Fun, Games, and Confidence Building class!

Caitie and Pippa rocked their lessons with us! Pippa now listens to Caitie, follows commands, and loves to do training! Great job guys – see you in Tricks class!

Posted by Pepper's Paws on Monday, March 26, 2018

Caitie, Pippa’s Mom

In home manner’s training, West Chester PA

in home rescue dog trainingZeus update: ”

Hi Deb —
Hope you are well.  I just wanted to give you a quick update on Zeus, and our trip to Connecticut for Easter this past weekend.  In short, he was a rock star!  He did really well with the little kids, parents and grandparents.  Everyone commented on how well-behaved he was and how well he listened to commands.  Four different people joked that they wanted to ‘dog-nap’ him!
Thank you so much for all of your help with our training.  We’re still working on a few things, but overall I couldn’t be happier — I think he is too.  Looking forward to more info about your upcoming classes.  And we’re still looking forward to a group walk one of these days!
Thanks again,

“Deb is fantastic! Before I adopted, I used her Perfect Match service, and she helped me understand what to look for in a dog and different scenarios to consider. This was extremely helpful for when I was meeting several rescues as potential new family members. Once I adopted, she had an instant rapport with my dog Zeus, and was able to show me how to work with him and communicate with him. I now have a happy dog — and he has a happy owner! I definitely recommend her.”

Mike B, Zeus’ dad in home manners training for rescue dog

Chester Springs, PA

March 2018

My wife and I recently rescued a young dog who was found as a stray. She understandably was overly cautious of new things and had quite a few fears that we needed to overcome with patience and persistence. Deb was recommended by the shelter and in just 4 sessions she helped our dog blossom! The amount of progress in only a couple months is remarkable. We’d highly recommend Deb!”

John P, Ruby’s dad

Fear Free in home training

Phoenixville PA

fearful dog training“We had our first training session last Wednesday 3/7/18 with Deb from Peppers Paws for our Bulldog Archie. The session was great and met all of our expectations. Bulldogs can be challenging but Deb worked well with him as well as teaching us about training a Bullie. Looking forward to our next session.”

Gerrie, Archie’s mom

Fearful dog training, Exton PA


“Deb was amazing with our Frenchie and with our family. Our Frenchie responded to the training very well. And Deb left us with so many great tools and resources to continue the training. As a first time dog owner, I definitely would recommend Deb. Her training has taught us how to help our dog and everyone is happier because of it.”

Colleen, Roxy’s mom

French bulldog in home training

Downingtown, PA

February 2018

“My experience with Pepper’s Paws Dog Training was fantastic! Deb Murray is by far the best trainer I have ever worked with. I adopted a 6 yr old Beagle/Border Collie, named Max, from To Love A Canine Rescue in August. We tried another training class before signing up for Level 1 Manners with Deb. Deb’s positive reinforcement methods worked much better for Max. Her classes really focus on being positive, happy, and having fun, which builds a great relationship with your dog. I also liked how Deb has several assistant trainers to help as well. This way everyone is able to get one on one help if needed. Max came with some anxiety issues, especially when faced with unfamiliar situations. So I jumped at the chance to attend the “Tricks, Fun, Games, and Confidence Building” class. This class was just amazing and Max absolutely loved it too! I would highly recommend Pepper’s Paws training to everyone!! I cannot wait to attend more classes both with Max and my other dog Blue!”

Becky, Max’s mom

Adult rescue dog training


“Deb is amazing and welcome into our house any time. We have the perfect golden doodle puppy that is even more lovable and obedient after only a couple sessions with Deb. This was necessary as we also have young toddlers in the home. I didn’t know I could love our dog even more but she brought peace and guidance into our raising of the perfect dog. (I am mostly amazed that our dogs pees on command). Her services are worth every penny and we could not have asked for more!”

Jennifer, Louie’s mom, goldendoodle

In home puppy training

West Chester, PA


Charlotte is my first dog so I reached out for training help when she was still a young pup. Deb came out to my apartment and not only helped get Charlotte started on the basics, she had a long conversation with me about the crate I had, the space that was set up, food, and bathroom training. She evaluated Charlotte before approving her for Puppy class.

Class was informative for me and my dog; Not only does she teach basic commands but she explains the ‘why’ and ‘how’ certain things work so that it’s easy to keep building on the basics. Knowing the care Deb took in accepting clients made the off leash play time fun without stress.

My number one goal was to have a dog that people welcomed into their homes and didn’t resent me bringing her along. Charlotte was only 5 months old and had *just* graduated Puppy STAR class when we first went to visit family for a crowded long weekend. She was fantastic, even loose leash walking with strangers and quickly able to figure out how to ask to be let out in the yard.

Over the past 2 years I’ve gone to a few more of Pepper’s Paws classes, and participated in the community walks – it’s been fantastic and I couldn’t be happier with everything. Charlotte is welcome at outdoor restaurants, and while my sister’s dog is not allowed on the furniture at my parent’s house, Charlotte is because she’s proven herself to be so well behaved. Searching for a new apartment I was able to convince a ‘no dogs’ landlord to accept us after being able to demonstrate how well behaved and trained Charlotte is.

I credit Deb and her team with the positive relationship I have with my dog and strongly recommend them to anyone looking for training and activities.”

Courtney, Charlotte’s mom

Rescue In Home Puppy Training, Puppy Class, Basic Manners, Advanced Manners, Tricks Class

West Chester, PA


“My husband and I adopted a Dachshund rescue in December. Since he had some behavioral issues, after researching trainers, we decided to go with Deb. Both Deb and Maike were very responsive in making Rocky’s transition a good and positive one. We learned so much and gained great progress with in-home training. Deb and Maike brought their dogs to complement the training.

Materials and follow-up were excellent and we highly recommend Pepper’s Paws.”

Debbie, Rocky’s mom

Fear Free Training

Downingtown, PA


January 2018

“We just completed 4 weeks of training with Deb at Pepper’s Paws for our 10 month old cockapoo. This was the second round of obedience trainingtraining we completed, after doing 4 weeks at a very young age to establish basic behaviors. The time we spent with Deb was well worth it and our pup really made great strides. Before beginning, she asked lots of questions so that she could understand any issues and what we expected to get from training. Once that was complete, we jumped right in and Deb carefully demonstrated everything and then allowed us to model the same behavior. She provided feedback and helped us master the technique before moving on. This allowed us to feel confident to repeat the training throughout the remainder of the week and because of this, our puppy really grasped each concept.

In addition to the training techniques, Deb offered great advice and demonstrated unlimited patience with our questions. Knowing that we are first time dog owners, she made us feel comfortable by telling us that we could ask anything – there are no stupid questions.

I would highly recommend Pepper’s Paws. The training is effective and Deb’s teaching skills are tremendous. She clearly loves what she does and that translates into productive sessions for puppy and puppy parents.”

Sandra, Bear’s mom

Obedience training, Downingtown PA


December 2017

DezSammyMy husband and I adopted 2 rescue puppies in 2017. Both needed more attention and training than what we could provide ourselves. A friend at work highly recommended Pepper’s Paws in Exton,PA… we reached out to the owner, Deb, and arranged a 4 visit session. Both rescue puppies have lots of fear issues/ anxiety, so Deb was able to identify this immediately. She took the time to assess each dog individually and develop a plan to have us work on their behaviors. Each session showed great improvement with both dogs, so we continued to build off of that! We were so proud of our dogs and the training built their self esteem to a level we never thought was possible. We owe so much to Deb. She is so easy to work. Deb is a true professional with a wealth of knowledge that she willingly shares. We would highly recommend Pepper’s Paws with Deb and her staff for all your canine training needs! Thank you so much Deb…our boys are so much happier and less fearful of their surroundings!”

Debbie, Dez & Sammy’s mom

Obedience training, fearful dog training


December 2017

“Pepper’s Paws has done an amazing job helping us with our dog Lilly. Deb has such a thorough knowledge of dog behavior and is able to help us humans understand why our dog is doing what she’s doing. How to add desirable behaviors to her repertoire while managing/changing/understanding some of her more challenging behaviors. Deb has gone out of her way to help facilitate continued training for approprite leash walking with other clients in our neighborhood and the results have been wonderful!”

Cassy, Lucy’s mom (terrier mix)

Obedience training, reactive dog training Chester Springs, PA


December 2017

“When we decided to adopt our rescue black lab /pit bull mix pup, I was a little nervous. I knew he was going to grow into a large dog and I wanted to be sure I would be able to handle him. I also needed someone who knew about rescue dogs and could appreciate the needs and behaviors that come along with a rescue dog. I was referred to Deb by another family who has used her training services and was extremely pleased with the results. I called Deb and she responded the SAME DAY! When I first met Deb, she instantly put me at ease. She was able to assess our puppy right in our home to be sure he was going to thrive in our family. Her knowledge about dog behavior is extensive and she made very astute and helpful observations about how our new puppy was adjusting and getting along. Deb made the seemingly overwhelming task of training our puppy, VERY DOABLE! She broke down her instruction into bite sized bits of information, and made it easy for me to remember and carry out. Our puppy was completing basic commands after our first session. Deb is thorough, knowledgeable, friendly and easy to work with. I look forward to our training sessions and so does our puppy. Deb loves what she does, it is obvious in how she works with families and their dogs and most importantly, how dogs respond to Deb. They can sense her love and they love her! Deb is fabulous and I am so glad I was able to connect with her.”

Christy C, Winston (pit mix) and Buddy (golden doodle) mom

Obedience training, fear free training Exton PA

Nov 2017

puppy training“Hi Deb,  Bruno is doing well and behaving for the most part! Thank you for everything you worked on with us. He get lots of compliments on his behavior, and you saved me from being completely overwhelmed and frustrated.

Thank you, thank you!”

Libby, Bruno (greater Swiss Mountain dog) mom

Puppy training, Malvern PA


reactive dog trainingOct 2017 – Deb was very helpful and knowledgeable! She really took the time to get to know our situation and offered much comfort and many tips. Our puppy made so much progress in just one month. Her heart is in the right place!

Amanda, Winston’s (sheltie/collie) mom

Reactive Dog training Malvern PA

UPDATE – Dec 2017:

Hi Deb!
Thank you for checking in. Winston is doing great! We are actually in the process of weening him off of the medication since he is doing so well. He no longer reacts to people or dogs on walks. He doesn’t even react to doorbells! He sometimes will bark at knocking, or the latest is when the heat kicks on but it only lasts for a minute or two. We think he’ll get used to it with time as he did the other things. He has learned most of the tricks you taught us – roll over, spin, etc. Bow seems to be the tough one. He doesn’t use his crate anymore when we’re not home and whenever I check the camera he’s usually just sleeping at the top of the steps. Over the holiday when we were visiting family out of town we found him to be more rambunctious (jumping, running around, etc.) in their houses than he is in ours but we just assumed it was because it was somewhere new and he was excited. Also, my parents have a dog which maybe contributed. While we were there we went for a walk with friends of mine from high school and their puppy that’s about 2 months younger than Winston and they couldn’t believe how well behaved he was. I told Matt I never thought I’d see the day. Winston certainly isn’t perfect and has his moments but overall he is doing SO much better. We really couldn’t thank you enough for your help with him! I hope all is well 🙂
Thanks again,
Amanda, Winston’s mom
Malvern PA
Our family has a happy, well-adjusted new rescue pup thanks to Deb Murray at Pepper’s Paws! Penny now follows several basic commands (even from our 2-year-old). Deb was always patient, kind, and informative. She truly went above and beyond to answer our COUNTLESS questions. We are so thankful for this training, as it really gave us the confidence we needed!
Kristyn, Penny’s mom
new dog training, Downingtown PA
new dog trainingWe recently completed 4 private sessions with Deb and our 4 month old Springer Spaniel. We are endlessly thankful for the training we received. Not only is our puppy happy and learning manners (he is probably the smartest dog ever�) we learned so much. We really feel that our puppy is so lucky to have met Deb and we know we are going to have a long, happy life with our new dog. Thanks!!
Cindy, Peter’s mom
puppy training, Exton PA


Deb was without a doubt the best dog trainer we could have wished for. Within minutes of our first training session, Deb JoJoimmediately captured JoJo’s attention. It was shocking to see our over active anxious puppy calm and responsive to the training. Deb’s knowledge, patience and determination made me eager for each lesson. If you are looking for an outstanding dog trainer, Deb is worth the time and money. Deb has a gift for working with dogs and a passion for working with people. I highly recommend her to everyone I know.
Terri- JoJo’s mom. Exton PA

Deb Murray is fantastic! My little rescue Lucy came to us with no back story from the SPCA and her behavior was challenging! With Deb’s training and advice I know have a rescue pup that is happy and well behaved! Deb Murray is Chester County’s Dog Whisperer!!!!
Jeanne, Lucy’s mom
new rescue dog training Downingtown, PA
Deb is not only a great dog trainer but she is also one of the nicest people I have ever met. I was extremely impressed with her knowledge of dogs and dog training and she was so very nice and kind to my Labernese puppy Shadoe. I would never hesitate to call her for help again, or call her just to say Hi! Many thanks to Deb!
Pat, Shadoe’s mom
Puppy training Downingtown, PA
We are so happy we found Deb from Pepper’s Paws to help our dog (and my husband and I) get adjusted to life with a newbornTanner baby. Deb was very understanding of our needs and goals. Our dog was super stressed and high strung before Deb came into the picture. I was very emotional and upset when our dog did not adapt to the baby as quickly as we had hoped. Deb’s calm demeanor, flexible approach, and nonjudgmental communication were very much appreciated and worked wonderfully for our family. Our dog is so much more calm now and unphased by the baby. I also appreciated all of the follow up and educational materials Deb provided after each of our training lesson so we have something to reference moving forward. Would definitely recommend Deb to everyone!
Devon, Tanner’s mom
getting ready for a baby training Downingtown, PA
Deb was a calming, pleasant force for me and my new puppy from the moment I met her. I could immediately see how positively my dog reacted to her. She also gives your support beyond your one hour training sessions with follow up emails, articles and readily answered any question or concern I had about my dog in between lessons. She was responsive to any questions even after we were through with our sessions. She really cares that you and your dog have a successful, happy relationship.
 Shari, Mia’s mom
new rescue dog training Downingtown, PA
We are so grateful to have had Deb’s help these past few months. As new puppy owners, we were overwhelmed and frankly, a little over our heads with our new little guy! But Deb was patient and calm with us, our kids, and our puppy, and we have seen such amazing progress. We got so much out of our training sessions as well as from the information that Deb would send us at the end of our sessions. It was so helpful that she provided resources that reinforced what we learned during our sessions, and she also made herself available in between sessions (and beyond!). Cannot recommend Deb and Pepper’s Paws highly enough to new puppy owners, especially those with small children!
 Renee, Hollis’ mom
puppy training Malvern, PA
Deb is a patient, encouraging, and knowledgeable trainer. She listens to your dog’s needs and takes them into consideration when planning the sessions. Throughout training, we had access to a lot of support, resources, and information that we could refer back to in between sessions. Deb is flexible with scheduling as well. We have seen a lot of improvement in our dogs since starting our training sessions and we know that with continued work, we will see even more of the benefits of working with Deb. Do not hesitate to reach out to her! She is very willing to help and truly wants to see you (and your dog) be successful!
Katelynn, Ryder & Tyson’s mom
reactive dog training, rescue dog training Exton, PA
We couldn’t be more pleased with Deb and Pepper’s Paws! We signed up for 3 private lessons and by the end of the first session it was like we had a new pup! She really takes the time to get to know you, your environment, and your pet and come up with a plan that will work. Deb’s training is positive, informative, and fun and we highly recommend her to anyone!
Lia, Remy’s mom
reactive dog training Eagleview, PA
I am 40 years old and never had a dog before and had no clue what to do!!! My 3 kids wanted a dog for Christmas so of course we go them one. I was referred to Pepper’s Paws (Deb) by 2 of my friends. SHE IS AMAZING!!! I had no idea how to handle a dog, train it, potty train it, etc… she was so hands on and really got my son involved too which was awesome to see! We are all doing well thanks to Deb and her training, I truly can not thank her enough! If you ever need a dog trainer, you NEED to go to Deb at Pepper’s Paws, she is like no other! She gave me the confidence I needed to!!! I didn’t think I could manage my household, kids, and a puppy but she was always so encouraging! I am referring all/any of my friends that get a dog to Deb!!! Lastly, she responds so quickly to to texts or emails you send to her with questions which was so helpful as well!!! SO LUCKY we go to train with Deb!
Caroline, Rocky’s mom
new puppy training Downingtown, PA
Deb has been training our dogs for several weeks. Our puppy is a rescue and I have three young children so we really needed our help. Deb is extremely patient and geared our training specifically for us. She is great working with the kids, incorporating them into the training, providing us solid educational tools also for the kids and our dog. Our dog has been extremely responsive and is doing better than we ever expected. Deb is a professional and knows her stuff! We couldn’t be more pleased with Deb as a person, her instructional advice and the important lessons she’s been teaching all of us!
Toni, Zelda’s mom
new rescue dog training Malvern, PA
I would highly recommend Deb Murray to anyone looking for a phenomenal dog trainer !! Deb is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about training and my wife and I could not be more pleased with how far our pit rescue has come after a training session !! Thank you !!
Brian, Kaya’s dad
new rescue dog training Downingtown, PA
Only thing that could have been better would be Deb to have a magic wand to make my puppies house trained. I will continue with Pepper’s Paws once the pups are better house broken. Highly recommend this trainer!
Glenn, Piper and Penny’s dad
new dogs training Downingtown, PA

Helped my pups get along

“I originally called Deb to help introduce my new puppy to my territorial female pit bull and pug mix. She was thoughtful and kind listening to my fears and respecting how I treated my dogs. She immediately helped with simple tricks to harmonize my pet family with group walks and outside play. My pit had failed out of doggie kindergarten and never learned down. Deb made a believer out of me when she got her to learn down and the training time seemed to make her happier. A lot of trainers tell you their way to handle your dogs with no respect for the things you already do well or your preferences in discipline. From the beginning, we were all comfortable and her suggestions worked. I have learned a lot and so have my pups. Our whole household has learned to ring bells after a few hours. Deb has been supportive and thoughtful. You wouldn’t even recognize my “ferocious” Mia on a walk now. I would recommend Deb to everyone with any dog training needs. You will never regret a session with her.”

Nicole, Mia, Bubba, and Phantom’s mom

puppy training, rescue dog training, reactive dog training Chester Spring, PA

One month in, and I am seeing what the potential of my dog!

“I have tried different trainers and suggestions before, but found that my dog did not understand the training or retain these skills long term. I was given Deb’s name by a friend, who had a great experience with Pepper’s Paws. From day one, my dog (a European blood-line German Shepherd) responded amazingly to Deb’s method of training. Her approach, professionalism, and custom training really gives you the best opportunity to succeed.

The best part? The coaching does not stop at the end of the session. Deb goes out of her way to answer any questions I have with training and does a recap of our training sessions. Prior to working with Pepper’s Paws, I only felt like I was utilizing 50% of my dog’s training ability. I have seen him much happier, much more engaged, and much more obedient. If you want results in an environment where it is easy to understand and emulate, then Deb will not disappoint.”

Jon, Yager’s dad

new dog training Chester Springs, PA

Great help training our dog!

“Deb did an excellent job helping us with our dog Marty. She answered all our questions and showed us many ways to improve his behavior. I highly recommend Deb to anyone who needs a dog trainer.”

Darby, Mary’s dad

obedience training Chester Springs, PA

Great Job!

“Deb did a terrific job teaching me and giving me confidence to handle and continue working with my pup. Will definitely be calling on her in the future! Thank you Deb!”

Joyce, Buster’s mom

obedience training West Chester, PA


“Deb intuitively knows dogs.  We rescued a lab mix puppy who was extremely shy and had several corrective habits that needed addressing, as we have 4 young children at our home.  Deb came to our home on 3 occasions and worked in depth with our whole family.  She taught us how to deal with our puppy’s corrections, instructed us to hand-feed him for a while (which I truly believe made all the difference!), taught our boys several training techniques (which empowered them, a good plan for boys and the dog) and generally helped us make our dog’s behaviors work perfectly within our family dynamic. We feel like we can understand our dog at a much deeper level than we ever could have without Deb’s help; she is uniformly positive and patient, and committed to helping dogs become a cherished part of the family. We are so grateful for the gift she gave us — a sweet, well-behaved, and loyal pup!”
Emily and Kevin and the boys – Nash’s family
new rescue dog training Newtown Square, PA
“Deb is an excellent dog trainer and especially wonderful with kids and families. Unlike other trainers we encountered, Deb has a natural way to engage children and encourages them to be active participants in training. She’s a patient teacher, speaks calmly, and appropriately guides your children to get the desired result. My kids felt very comfortable with Deb and easily took direction from her. We are so pleased with our dog’s progress and all we learned from Deb.”
Amy & Rob, Tucker’s parents
new puppy training Downingtown, PA
“I can’t say enough about Deb and Pepper’s Paws, and I recommend them every chance I get, but I wanted to share my thoughts with anyone looking for help with their dog. I recently rescued a 10 month old puppy, and while I grew up with a dog, Maxie is the first I have had on my own and she turned out to be more than a handful. I was in over my head, she was jumping and biting non stop. Someone had given her up before, and I was starting to understand why. I wasn’t ready to give up on her, but I was overwhelmed and didn’t know how I could care for her. My vet recommended Deb, and it turned out there were classes starting the very next day, so I signed up immediately! Maxie was really quick to learn the commands she learned in class, but after going home, she turned back into the crazy dog. Deb was quick to respond to my emails with help and advice, but I quickly realized I needed the in home training she offered.

Allowing Deb to see how Maxie behaved in that setting allowed her to really understand the root of her problems. The improvements even after just a few days following Debs advice was astonishing, and now after a couple months, she is a different dog. She still has her moments, but overall she is a sweet, fun, loving dog. Its a daily task of training her and sticking to the advice I got and continue to get through the group sessions (I decided to continue with the level 2 class) but as things become habit for me and Maxie, its just that much easier. I think back to how things were and am so thankful I found Peppers Paws! Deb and the rest of her team are clearly passionate about dogs and want you and your dog to be successful!

Thank you!”

Molly, Maxi’s Mom
new rescue dog training West Whiteland, PA
“Deb is the best !! She has helped us twice now with in home training. Shes very patient and kind, with the humans and animals!! Ive also taken her puppy class at Dogtopia, and her and her assistants were great ! My dogs all love her as do we ! Thanks so much Deb!!!”
Beth, Gremmie, Boo, and Griffin’s Mom
new rescue dog training Phoenixville, PA

We can thank Deb Murray enough for all her help, assistance and training with both of our three year old labs. The guidance and training methods are wonderful and completely force free and Deb is very knowledgeable, patient and kind. We recommend Peppers Paws and Deb Murray every chance we get. Changing the lives of dogs and their owners one class at a time.

Debbie , Murphy and Kelsea’s Mom
new labrador retriever  training Rehoboth Beach, DE

“We adopted a lab/shephard mix this past April from a rescue. He was 8 weeks old and a few weeks after we brought Jet home, he started exhibiting a lot of behavioral problems beyond those of a typical puppy. He was biting us and others and we started questioning whether we can keep this dog; my son was 8 years old was scared to be around him. We started referring to him as Cujo.

A friend suggested Pepper’s Paws and we scheduled an appointment with Deb. She spent a lot of time getting to know us and the issues we were having with the dog. After 3 training sessions, it was like we had a brand new dog. He stopped biting and became a pleasure to be around. He now sits with us on the couch and my son loves to play with him.

If you have a pet and feel like things are hopeless, call Pepper’s Paws. You won’t be disappointed.”

Ilisha, Jet’s mom
new rescue dog training Royersford, PA
“We first met Deb at a volunteer event for To Love a Canine Rescue. I was so impressed with her, we asked her to help us with our Bear and signed up for three in home private lessons. Deb is professional, knowledgeable, and offers REAL solutions to helping YOU be a better dog parent. She teaches you how to help your dog get along better with everyone and everything, both in the home and in public! The prices are very reasonable and we saw results after just one lesson when we continued to follow through with her instructions. We owe huge thanks to Deb for helping us with our crazy Bear. She even went outside the box a few times and helped us with issues we didn’t even think to ask about! I highly recommend Pepper’s Paws!”
Debbie, Mom of Molly, Bear, and Finn
new rescue dog training Coatesville, PA

“Hi, Deb – I just wanted to thank you again for all of the help you have been to us with Gibbs. When he came to us in March as a 3 1/2 month old puppy, we were overwhelmed and at a complete loss for how to handle him. He and our 4 year old were not getting along, and he was regularly biting us and chewing all of our belongings. 

I spoke with someone from another agency for quite sometime about getting help, but I never heard back from the trainer she recommended within her group. We were desperate, and you picked up the phone the FIRST time I called! You came over the next day, and we were immediately on the road to a happy family again. 

You seem to have a natural understanding of how dogs think, and you gave us the skills to teach Gibbs how to behave. Training has been a lot of fun, and Gibbs enjoys it, too! 

Thank you again SO much for your help and enthusiasm and encouragement. We would not be where we are now without you!”

Priscilla,  Gibbs’ Mom

puppy training Exton, PA

“Deb has been a wonderful trainer for our new golden puppy.  Her joyful enthusiasm and calm demeanor immediately put our puppy at ease.  She genuinely cares about training, and wants what is best for you and your pet to enjoy one another.  I am so glad she was referred to me, as our puppy has quickly become a loving addition to our family.”
new puppy training Chester Springs, PA
“Deb and her team are the best! Can’t recommend highly enough. When my family and I adopted our first dog we were completely clueless and a bit overwhelmed. We met Deb at the adoption event and she gave us some great advice and even talked to us on this phone and via email once we got our dog home. We signed up for a class immediately and the whole family learned so much. We loved the practical instruction and have applied EVERYTHING we learned in class on a daily basis. We’ve now completed the 2nd level class and plan on signing up for level 3 and agility. Thanks, Deb, for helping us in our new life with our fantastic pup!”
Amy R, Fred’s mom
new rescue dog training Phoenixville, PA

“My family and I could not be any happier than we have been with Deb and her assistants. Our active Golden Retriever is more than two hands-full, but Deb and her helpers are gentle, caring, and patient, as my family and I are learning to manage Cody’s energy. We hope that as he matures, he will settle a bit, but until then, Deb works with us to guide our very smart puppy to making the right behavior choices. Thank you!”

Tracy B, Cody’s mom

new puppy training Exton, PA


“I highly recommend Pepper’s Paws! Deb and her assistants Eryn and Diana are very knowledgeable and very easy to work with ! My Vizsla Copper has benefitted mightily from Manners 1 & 2 classes taught by Deb and crew. Deb and her staff know how important it is to have a well trained dog and have the tools to teach the dogs and the humans how to interact and communicate better. Deb was even able to teach my 9yr old daughter how to get Copper to listen to her!!
Worth every penny – thank you so much !”  

Todd M, Copper’s dad

obedience training Downingtown, PA


“We met Deb at an adoption event for TLC Rescue when we adopted Hardy (a puppy). We were so grateful to have made this connection. Although we have had dogs/cats for years, we forgot what it was like to have a puppy again! Deb was a great guide with puppy training, house breaking/crate training and introducing a puppy to existing pets..even came to the house to help us!…We took Hardy to Peppers Paws for Training…Deb and staff of trainers gave us great guidance and tips…Hardy is 5 months old – he now knows basic commands: sit, down, off, leave it and wait (stay). Because of Debs’ (and staff) guidance we have even taught him high five and are working on wave! We are looking forward to continue his training in the next course!”
Andrea K, Annie & Hardy’s mom
rescue dog training West Chester, PA

“I became acquainted with Deb Murray while I was in between dogs and volunteering with animal rescue. She is very knowledgeable, has a positive training approach, and is passionate about working with dogs and their owners.

When we adopted our dog and wanted to address some issues, there was no question that we wanted to work with Deb/Peppers Paws. First we had a private training session at our home tailored specifically to our needs. She patiently answered all our questions (there were many), never made us feel rushed and gave us so much helpful information and offered support if any questions came up later. One of our main concerns was teaching our dog to not chase our cat. She showed us how to work with both animals and encouraged us to stick with the training – and it worked!

Training is an ongoing part of our life and our dog looks forward to it. It’s a great way to bond with your dog while teaching good manners. Which reminds me – we also took Deb’s group training class – another great experience. Class sizes are small, there are two wonderful assistants (Erin and Diane), and you can ask questions about issues that come up at home during the week. Our dog loved the class, and being there with other dogs and people helped her with socialization.”

Andee S.

new dog training Glenmoore, PA


“Deb is incredible. We have a 14 month old lab pup who listens to me and is very good at understanding that I am his master. He ignores my wife most all of the time. It is a point of frustration for us and has cause some friction in our relationship.

Enter Deb Murray and WOW!. She talked to us for about 45 minutes before we did anything. She ask us what the issues were with Jack, and how they were issues. By the time we got to some training, she NAILED it with Jack. My wife and I have very different styles when it comes to dog training. I have trained several dogs over the years and Jack is my wife’s first puppy. She said she did not have confidence and was actually afraid of Jack. He was like Jeckle and Hyde. With me he is a gentlemen, and with her Jack is ( I mean was) a maniac.

We we did about 65 minutes of training including parking Jack and walking jack. At the end of the session we could see my wife’s confidence brimming over and Jack being a gentleman with her like he is with me. Deb gave us a few exercises to do with Jack this week. We introduced a Kong product that has entertained Jack while we are away at work. ”

Dave O, Jack & George’s dad

new dog training Downingtown, PA

“We have an 8 or 9 yo Lhasa mix and recently moved from a large single family home to a condominium. Motzart started barking incessantly every time the both of us left the condo. And I mean it was non stop and sounded like he was really stresseed, scared or something. You could hear him all over the building. In my infinite wisdom I purchased a no bark collar. Well he didn’t bark but started peeing in the house. Deb was recommended to us by Dogtopia as a trainer and behavioral consultant . Deb came to our home, listened to use (unlike other trainers) and came up with several suggestions. We have implemented most all of her suggestions and we are making progress! I would highly recommend Deb for any training needs or behavior problems. We were extremely pleased. Wish I could write more! She followed up the next day with an email summarizing the visit and gave other sources of information. We had a few questions which she answered promptly. Deb has been in contact as needed. Deb is a great resource and most importantly, a nice person who loves animals.”
Nancy & Barry, Motzy’s parents
Eagleview, PA

 “I have a 1 year old Aussie that had been through basic puppy training, but needed something more. Unfortunately, I just didn’t have the time to be able to train her properly. That’s where Deb came in. While Sydney was in doggie day care, Deb spent some time 5 or 6 days in a row with her, reinforcing the basics, some safety lessons, and general behavior.

When she came the following weekend to go over what she had taught her, I couldn’t believe it was the same dog! She was doing things I couldn’t get her to do in class or any other way. Deb went through all of the training, provided follow-up materials, and showed us (as opposed to just telling us) how to continue to reinforce what she has learned.

Well, not that we are in the reinforcement phase, it’s easy to keep things moving ahead. Sydney has been great with what she learned, and I feel confident with the reinforcement suggestions Deb had that she will turn into the great dog she is destined to be.

Thanks, Deb. I’m sure we’ll be back at some point for some more advanced training.”

John C, Sydney’s dad

Eagleview, PA

“Pepper’s Paws is simply fantastic! Deb and her assistants are friendly, super knowledgeable, eager, and willing to help find a solution to any problem you may be facing with your pup. In a group setting they will take the time to work with you & your pup 1 on 1 if needed. No question goes unanswered. No accomplishment goes unnoticed. Pepper’s Paws genuinely cares about each individual case that comes across their path. They provide a comfortable and positive environment which ensures your pup will have the best possible outcome from a training session. You can really tell that Deb & her assistants love what they do and that they’re passionate about their work. 

I have a 11 mo old puppy that had a major jumping problem – Deb & Eryn were able to correct it in 1 session. Now, instead of becoming insane and out of control with excitement anytime someone even looks in his direction he has learned to sit or lay down (tail still going a thousand miles an hour) so he can be petted. He also learned “leave it” which has saved me (and him) from some potentially nasty situations where he could have eaten something bad.
Go check out Pepper’s Paws! You will not be disappointed.”
Amanda H, Dodger’s mom
Downingtown, PA
“My husband and I are expecting our first child very soon and we had some concerns about how our young dog would handle the transition. Deb was able to come to our house for training sessions which she geared toward the particular situations our dog would encounter with the new addition to our family (e.g. unfamiliar toys lying around, breastfeeding concerns, ensuring our baby’s safety, strange noises, etc.). She was absolutely amazing. She left us feeling safer and more confident about our dog than I would have imagined possible. Deb understood our worries as first time parents and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Pepper’s Paws to anyone looking to ease such a big transition for the furry, tail wagging members of their family.”
Elizabeth D, Hick’s mom
Downingtown, PA
“Deb is an awesome dog trainer!! So patient and knowledgeable. I definitely recommend her!”
Teresa H, Max’s mom
Downingtown, PA
“After the first two private sessions we could not be happier to have chosen Deb to work with us and our dogs. We hired her to help us train our golden doodle puppy which Deb does with patience, great knowledge and such a positive attitude. But not only is she adjusting to whatever needs we and our puppy have, she also took interest in our older dog who is more on the fearful side and has always had anxiety problems. After just one session with Deb and practicing what we had learned, we saw improvement in the behavior of both of our dogs. The sessions are fun and educational and we definitely plan on continuing working with Deb in group classes in the future. Deb is certainly taking time to work with us and the dogs and has given us many tips for our dogs which definitely go beyond and above normal dog training. Highly recommended!” Susanne U, Tara and Tessa’s mom
Pottstown, PA
“Outstanding. Simply…what she does works and works well. Wish I knew about her for every dog Ive had!”
Tracey P, Sailor’s mom
Chester Springs, PA
“We recently met with Deb for her Perfect Match service. Deb is extremely knowledgeable and clearly passionate about what she does, no question is too big or small. Deb’s genuine interest and candor created an atmosphere where we were able to have an honest and productive discussion about what we are looking for in a dog and how to find that him or her. She also provided helpful information about how to introduce and acclimate your pooch to their new home. I believe Deb truly cares about each client and her dedication and ongoing support has been invaluable. This was the perfect way to get started finding our new family member and we consider it time and money very well spent.”
Sarah F, Quinn’s mom
West Chester, PA 
“Deb was incredible! She offered so much guidance, information, and support to my boyfriend and I about our new hound puppy. I truly felt that she cared and went above and beyond what I ever expected for a trainer. Never did I feel that she was nickel and diming us. She stayed past the time she told us, offered text and email support, sent tons of reading materials and follow up info, and very clearly cared for us and our pup. Every training session was clear, user friendly, and consistent, and she never hesitated to answer our questions. In 3 sessions our dog made such progress and now we have the tools to continue Deb’s work. We’re so thankful for her help and would recommend her to anyone who needs a trainer!”
Christina L. Ellie’s mom
West Chester, PA

“I HAVE to take this opportunity to sing Deb’s praises!When Deb started in-house training at Dogtopia with my 1 year old coonhound/lab mix Bella, she was faced with a dog who was very unsure of herself. Bella’s nervousness made her reluctant to trust strangers and also made it very difficult to keep her attention for even a few seconds.

Success stories - Bella
Don’t take Bella’s word for it – train with us and see for your self!

Deb was extremely patient and endlessly positive with Bella. Most importantly, Deb didn’t give up on my dog when I’m sure other trainers would have. Deb not only taught my dog the basic but necessary behaviors (sit, stay, come, wait, watch) – she taught my dog to TRUST people besides her “mom and dad”, and taught me how to reinforce positive behaviors with my dog by keeping her engaged yet relaxed.

Bella is a happy and confident dog thanks to her “board and train” sessions Deb… And I am an extremely proud and grateful dog mom! My investment in Bella’s training was 110% worth it.

Bella and I cannot wait to sign up for the Level 2 Advanced group class! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU DEB!”

Kate M – Bella’s mom

Paoli, PA


“Deb was fantastic ! She gave us so many great tips for working with our new puppy. It was so nice to be able to be in our home environment, with all of our family that would be working with our dog . I feel like that aspect of her services will make it much easier to train our puppy consistently!”
Elli’s mom
Phoenixville, PA
“Working with Pepper Paws, LLC at Dogtopia was amazing! Our 6 month old puppy is high energy and he was having difficulty listening. As first time dog owners, we were out of our element. Both Deb and Eryn taught us very easy to understand techniques and we could see improvement almost immediately. It was important to us to find someone that was compassionate, understanding and non-judgmental. We nailed it!”
Cathlene H – Bentley’s mom
Downingtown, PA


Deb was quick in her response and follow up conversations. She worked with our schedule to meet within the week. She was very knowledgeable and offered great insight. We love her positive approach to training and look forward to continuing our training with her.”

Karen F.

Downingtown, PA


“I couldn’t be happier with Deb and her training methods. She is adored by my dogs and everything she has taught us has been learned quickly, easily and, most importantly, painlessly (on my part!).Deb practices positive reinforcement in word and deed. I highly recommend her to anyone who has a dog in need of either tip to tail training or just a little smoothing round the edges.I especially recommend her to people who don’t understand dogs and simply want someone to train their dog — Deb won’t do that — but she will train the dog AND the owner. Which guarantees a happy partnership with your pooch!” Laura S

West Chester, PA

“Deb is awesome! From the moment she walked in I felt like I was with an old friend. My dogs LOVED her and her techniques were gentle but assertive and the difference in the first hour was amazing. We have had worries and difficulties with our rescue dogs for years and thought they were hopeless and impossible to fix. Thanks to Deb, we are so encouraged that they can learn new behavior. Our dogs are 5 and 6 and even at their age Deb assured us we can help them. She was so kind and thorough and encouraging to the dogs and us. She explains things in such a simple way that makes sense and helps you see things from a different perspective. I can’t wait until she comes back and keeps helping us! My doggies are already loving what they learned and so are we! Thanks Deb!  

Amy T

Exton, PA


“It was absolutely amazing. My dog Roxy responded so well to everything she learned and we got wonderful information on how to train her. She always jumps on you when you first come in and after just one session with deb I came home last night and Roxy jumped up I turned away and she immediately sat down and waiting where normally she would just keep jumping up and down. She has the touch down perfectly already, she immediately bumps her nose and will even jump up to bump it if we put our hand in the air above her. Its amazing how much she is learning already.

Kat B.

Ludwig’s Corner, PA


“Deb has been working with me and our now 5 mo old golden retriever. He is our family dog, but she is helping me reach benchmarks in anticipation for having him certified as a therapy dog once he becomes a year old. She has such a calm, positive demeanor and her training techniques work!!! Highly recommended for all your troublesome dog habits, but also for training before they develop them.”
Keena H.

Pottstown, PA


“I started working with Deb last Summer when one of my 11 year old dogs started being destructive when I left the house. Deb helped me figure out what was causing her behavior, put together a plan for me to follow to reduce my dog’s stress when I left, & increased her exercise levels so she was more relaxed overall. Deb works with my dogs once a week now & they are always so happy to see her. She is patient with them & it is evident that she enjoys working with them.”
Sandy G.

Exton, PA

“Deb does wonderful with dogs.. My rescue was afraid of everything and Deb is helping us work through our leash reactiveness. I used to use a prong collar (much to my dislike, but was oly thing I could sort of control dog with) and now we use a harness. Seems to work better and I feel much better about not hurting my dog. She uses only positive techniques and for a dog that is afraid of even the sound of a clicker, this is the only way to go. We have made great progress and look forward to having a well balanced dog. Highly recommend her!!!! Thanks a million Deb!!” 

Brenda L.

Downingtown, PA



“Dear Deb,

One day I got a FB message from you saying you were going to offer training and was anyone interested. While I loved my 6 month old puppy he was a hand full! I was a new dog owner and not exactly sure what I was doing with him. And how to get him to listen to me, he is very hyper and excited and its hard for him to sit still long enough to learn anything . Before the training even started you gave me helpful hints and ideas to use and now he has three training classes under his belt he is like a different dog ! I am so grateful that I decided to take you up on Sammy’s training .
Sammy is no longer “untrainable” he AND I have learned what to do and how to do it. He is well on his way to becoming a good “canine citizen”
no matter what behavioral problems or new tricks we want to learn with Sammy , I always appreciate the fact that you are creative and thoughtful in your strategies and respectful of how I feel towards Sammy’s eduaction.
Sammy loves his training classes and loves to be around you, that in itself is the best endorsement any human can get ! Thanks so much for your passion and support!
Angela and Sammy”

Glenmoore, PA