Remote Private Dog Training

Remote private dog training lessons – Virtually the same as face-to-face private in home lessons!

Pepper’s Paws is proud to announce our new Zoom video conferencing Private Dog Training service! Does your dog ignore you? Not come when called? Jump on family members or guests? Remote private dog training lessons are great for these annoying behaviors, as also for more challenging things like separation anxiety, fear aggression, and dog-dog aggression. Have a new puppy? Remote Private Dog Training is excellent for puppy training too!

Here is how the remote lessons work:

  • Lessons are conducted with you in your home and your trainer in her home. There will be no face to face contact or need to travel for the lessons.
  • Lessons will be 1 hour long each and conducted via Zoom ( for video and audio. You will need a reliable internet connect for best results with Zoom. We recommend you connect to Zoom via a table, phone, or laptop so you can easily adjust the viewing field as we work on things. 
  • Programs include access to our private Facebook group where we post free group walks for our clients and their dogs (once the social distancing recommendations are removed).
  • After each lesson in your program you will receive an email with homework, handouts, and reminders to guide your training and homework between lessons. You are also welcome to take notes during the lesson.
  • Programs include support via text and email for 3 months from the date of your first lesson. 

Here’s what people are saying after doing remote private lessons with us:

“Deb Murray has been a lifesaver in helping me train my 12-week old Labrador puppy, despite being under quarantine! It is actually beneficial to be able to focus on potty-training, etc., since we are always at home – I think it is helping us to notice results sooner than we would under normal circumstances.

I feel that our virtual sessions have been every bit as valuable as in-person appointments – she is able to observe and help me modify what I am doing with my dog, and it is very helpful to watch her demonstrate with one of her dogs. Deb is very well-versed in all aspects of puppyhood, and I have yet to present her with a problem she couldn’t resolve effectively, from helping our older dog accept (and enjoy) the puppy, to sleep training a frequent and early riser. She also follows up with an email summary and suggestions that have proven invaluable. We are thrilled to see continued improvement from day to day!”

“Since our derpy goofy Ruby joined our family 6 months ago, we’ve had difficulty socializing her with our two 10-year-old cats. She wants to play, and they do not. Even brief interactions end in swatting, hissing, growling, barking, chasing, and frustration. We were going to have Deb at Pepper’s Paws come do an in-home session but then the quarantine began ?. Yesterday we signed up for a Zoom private session. It ended less than an hour ago, and I kid you not, Spenser, our tuxedo cat is lying in his cat cot above the couch in the living room, ignoring Ruby, and Ruby is lying on the ground with a Kong. IN THE SAME ROOM. Before today Ruby would be leaping up at the cat, barking, baiting him to make a move so she could pounce and chase...

Now, our gray tabby, Julia, is not so daring. She will be the true test to Ruby’s training. It will take more repetition to have Julia and Ruby be non-reactive with one another. Julia plays the part of the tough girl, goes into alley cat mode, and leaves scratches on Ruby’s nose before we can separate them again. But just this bit of progress with Spenser makes my heart happy, and gives my husband and I such a sense of relief that the situation is changeable, and is already changing. Ruby will learn to control her chase-game impulses, and the cats will pretend not to like it. Thank you so much, Deb! xo”

“Deb is amazing! She conducted a Zoom session today with my family for our new 4 month rescue pup, Bauer. We just brought him home on Saturday. Lots of amazing educational tips; she gave our family some much needed confidence to tackle this feisty yet adorable pitbull terrier boxer mix. If you need support, reach out to Deb?”

This is the only dog training service we offer for people who live outside of our service area. If you don’t live at the Delaware Beaches and have always wanted to work with Deb this is your chance to work with her!

Ready to sign up for Remote Private Dog Training? Email Deb at [email protected] or call 484-574-0618 — tell us what your challenges and goals are and we will recommend the perfect program for you and your dog or puppy!

We can’t wait to work with you and your dog!

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Want to learn about your Remote Private Dog Training trainer? Click here to learn more about Deb!

** Terms and conditions for this offer may change at any time.