In-Home Dog Training

Have a dog who is driving you crazy at home? In-home dog training may be perfect!

Sometimes, the behaviors the owner needs help with only happen in the home. Does your dog jump on visitors? Not come in from the yard when called? Get on your furniture even though you have told him he’s not allowed there?  Do you think your dog wouldn’t be happy in group class? Too many distractions, to much excitement, or is having other dogs nearby your dog stressful for you? That’s where in-home dog training comes to the rescue!

In-home training means we come to your home and do private dog training lesson to work on things like jumping, nipping, basic obedience, polite leash walking, barking, barking at other dogs — all the things that drive owners crazy – in your home! In-home dog training is also a great way to start training with your dog so that you can move to a group session once he or she has a few in-home dog training sessions under his or her collar.

Have a new puppy? In home dog training is a great way to get your puppy off on the right paw with housebreaking, crate training, polite leash walking, nipping, and jumping too — all things that are best fixed and taught in the home!

Need help introducing a newly adopted dog to you the dog you already have? In-home dog training sessions are a great way to introduce dogs, ensure they are getting along, and to get coaching on what good dog play looks like! (sometimes what sounds scary is actually dogs having a fantastic time – we can teach you how to tell the difference!)

We offer in home lessons in central Chester County, PA. Call us at 484-574-0618 or to see if we service your area and to learn more about our programs and pricing.  All of our training programs include lesson summaries and handouts after each lesson (in case your whole family can’t be there for a lesson) and additional support as needed via phone/text/email between lessons.

* If you are outside of our service area and we are able to help you, an additional travel fee will be added to each lesson. Call us for more information.